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Here you will find details regarding export of motorcycles for trade and collection purposes.
1. Yahoo! Japan

The Yahoo! Japan auction http://auctions.isibike.com has revolutionized the way consumers in Japan trade among themselves, and at the same time also became a source of motorcycles for export.

Until the late 1990’ most motorcycles have been purchased from dealerships and consumer-to-consumer trade was extremely rare.

On the Yahoo! Japan public online auction you will be able to find a vast number of motorcycles available for sale, and parts for such motorcycles.

The price level of the common models is similar to the level at the trade auctions.

Please note that since the bikes found on Yahoo! Japan are located all over the country, collecting them to a central location to prepare them for export and shipping might be time consuming and slightly more costly.

Hence, we recommend to our customers who are interested in large quantities of units to look for desired models on Yahoo! Japan and place bids on suitable bikes depending on their location, seller rating and price level.

This information is readily available on the website.

Our staff will arrange payment to sellers after confirming certain details with them, such as getting faxed copies of the titles and the full details of each seller.

Once confirmed and paid, the purchased units will be delivered to our depot for export preparations and shipping.

You can look at the Yahoo! Japan listings by yourself, directly at:


Once you have found suitable motorcycles, motorcycle parts and other related items, you can ask us to bid on your behalf and arrange export of the purchased items.

Please contact us via the application form:


2. Motorcycles from the trade auctions

We supply motorcycles, other two-wheeled vehicles and ATVs that are sourced from motorcycle trade auctions, which have a few outlets in the major populations centers of Japan.

This is obviously the most well known source of used motorcycles for export.

Using our Online Auction web site, you will be able to browse the stock lists of all the leading auctions and view their weekly offers.
Once you become a member of our Online Auction you will be able to view auction data, photos and condition reports.

We provide a FREE translation and estimate service for the vehicles available.

As soon as an agreement has been reached and a deposit paid, you will be able to place bids on various motorcycles found at the auctions.

We have resident inspectors & buyers in the Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu areas of Japan.

Our resident inspectors and buyers check each motorcycle as required to make sure that the condition is exactly as stated on the auction house’s condition report.

Any defects not mentioned on the sheets are reported back to you direct by our staff for a final decision.

Additional photos of damaged areas will be provided if needed, to assist you with estimating the repair complexity and costs.

Motorcycles successfully purchased at auctions will be delivered to our packing warehouse in the Tokyo metro area and be stored until the consignment is completed.

The whole shipment will then be loaded into a container of the appropriate size and shipped to your desired destination.

In case shipping to your desired destination can be done in other ways, such as: Single motorcycles to be shipped aboard RoRo vessels, single bikes loaded into crates or motorcycles loaded aboard trucks, the purchase units will be delivered to the appropriate depot and booked into the next available vessel.

To apply for Online Auction access and view a large variety of motorcycles, please click:

Please note, that damaged motorcycles are also available at the auctions.

These are supplied on a “Sold As Seen” basis. We are able to handle motorcycles that are heavily damaged and do not roll as well.

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