Welcome to our store!
Would you like to buy items sold on Yahoo!Japan, Japanese web malls and others,
for private use and re-sale?

We handle such items. This is called “Deputy Service”, “Buying Agent”, “Auction Agent” and so on.
Yes, there are many companies and agents who offer such services. So why try with us?

We offer:

1. Reasonable handling fees. Found a cheaper source ?
Drop us a line and explain the situation and we will do our best to match the price & service levels, or offer better ones.

2. We handle BIG and BULKY items. Bet you have already found out that 99.9% of the Buying Agents you have google said” Sorry, we do not handle larger that postal size items”..

NOT us! Big, bulky, complex etc. We handle them all! Please check the HEAVY GOODS page for more details.

3. Fast and reliable service. Small items are sent by tracked services such as Japan Post, DHL or UPS.

Larger items are shipped by crates or containers, and a network of shipping agents worldwide will assist you in passing customs, arranging local delivery etc. Tracking services are also available.

4. Special services for re-sellers:
*** Mailing items direct to your customers worldwide from your business address in Japan.
*** Japan shopping Turnkey site on your OWN web site! Only available to established, experienced customers.
*** Have logistical knowledge & contacts, good experience and can operate a distribution hub in your country or area? Talk to us! We have a growing network of small, mainly trade customers who are eager to share container space. We need reliable, knowledgeable contacts to import, de-van, customs clearance and distribute such items.

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TEL:+81 36904 8747
EMAIL: valo@isicar.com AND isi@isicar.com